HRDC provides legal aid services, psycho-social and medical services free of charge.
These services are provided by specialized staff, consisting of:
• Social Worker
• Lawyer / Advocates
• Doctor Practitioner

Services offered

Provision of  legal services (provision of legal advice and representation in court, Paralegal services (intervention to resolve administrative issues), Clinics services (training of individuals to pursue their cases to  administrative and judicial institutions); psychosocial services (supporting emotional and psychological, individual and group counseling, addressing to specialized centers of cases,  consultation, guidance and assistance in finding employment for women / girls, and orientation to professional course provided by state and NGO-s) and medical services (counseling / information, education ( breast screening), referrals to other organizations that provide medical services.

Who can benefit from these services?

• Citizens who claim violations of human rights by public institutions or  individuals;
• Victims of domestic violence (women / men, minors);
• Persons who claim unequal treatment by state institutions (discriminatory behavior);
• Individuals who need legal information, psychosocial treatment or medical consultations;

Their status:

Women  households with no income
Persons with disabilities or mental disabilities and / or physical
Members of vulnerable communities as they Roma and Egyptian
Persons serving their sentence in detention institutions  in Albania