Tropoja’s Office and its implemented activities
Human Rights in Democracy Centre operates in Tropoja since 2005. From this year onwards HRDC has implemented several projects with focus on improvement of the protection of human rights and improving the social status of women in society.

The Center is the only organization that provides support services for victims of domestic violence and individuals with social problems in Tropoja.

In the time frame 2007 - 2013, the Center has undertaken the following activities / programs in the context of improving the situation of protection of human rights in Tropoja and support victims of domestic violence.

So we can mention:

1. Periodic campaigns conducted in Bajram Curri and surrounding villages, which have resulted in community awareness ( in particular women and girls of rural areas) on  human rights and gender based violence, as well as increased community level information on the human rights. Part of the campaigns has been the provision of services in peripheral areas of Bajram Curri (Bujan, Cerrnice, Markgegaj, Kocanaj, like, etc.) by making these services accessible to target groups in need. Also, we have distributed leaflets and information materials on gender based violence, human rights, etc.. The campaign has resulted in increased community awareness, in particular women and girls in rural areas of human rights and gender based violence.

2. Center has empowered marginalized women / girls through increasing the  level of information about their legal rights and delivery of support services. Center has offered psychological assistance, social and legal for a significant number of individuals, in particular for women and girls. Social problems facing the target group of women and girls in Tropoje are domestic violence, patriarchal mentality, unemployment, difficult economic situations, divorce, disease control, etc. Although the need for such services is great in this area, such services are lacking.

3. The Centre has established and strengthened local capacities in Tropoja being the only organization that trains women / girls (including rural women) regarding their rights provided for in national and international legislation. Training have been focused on the legal domain, domestic violence, gender, women's health, etc.. Training has empowered women legally, has increased awareness of women and girls for their rights and their ability to use tools to appeal in cases of violations of their rights.

4. Centre has increased the access of women / children in the justice system through effective delivery of legal assistance and psycho-emotional for victims of domestic violence. Free legal assistance consists in providing legal services as counseling, information on legal tools, preparation of acts and documents, requests for protection from domestic violence. Victims / survivors of domestic violence are informed about  remedies provided by law No.9669, dated 18.12.2006, "On measures against violence in family relations". They are advised, and legal acts and requests for emergency protection order or protection order are prepared for them by lawyers of HRDC. Also, they are represented in the District Court and the relevant police station to support the process of execution of court decision final.

Through delivery of legal services to victims of violence, the Center has revealed that:
• Domestic violence is a problem which is fed by the patriarchal mentality in these areas and the low level of community awareness;
• Lack of specific structures and programs prevent implementation of DV Law
• Lack of supporting services in rural areas of Tropoja for  victims of domestic violence prevent women to report  violence and to use the legal remedies provided by law against domestic violence

5. The Centre has strengthened  capacities of state institutions (courts, health centers, Police,  educational institutions, local government structures) through training on the Law no. 9669, dated 16.12.2006 "On Measures against Violence in Family Relations."

6.Parallely,  Center has trained women/health workers on issue of Breast Cancer. We have informed Tropoja women how to prevent this disease and importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer. Centre has promoted and encouraged periodic medical examinations, referral to  mammography, in particular population at risk. This has resulted in raising the culture of  health of women / girls Tropoja.

7. Lack of programs to inform young people about their legal rights and access to information has urged HRDC to organize with schools of Tropoja workshops focused on children rights. We have increased the level of knowledge of youngsters on  their rights. Package information regarding human rights and gender issues are disseminated to schools (about 230 students are beneficiaries of these training).

8.The HRDC  has monitored the implementation of law No. 9669, dated 18.12.2006, "On measures against violence in family relations" by the responsible actors such as courts, police, local government structures, health structures, etc.. Monitoring has identified problems in the implementation of this law by relevant state structures and concurrently monitoring has helped us to develop recommendations / suggestions on improving specific aspects of the law.
9. Center periodically has developed awareness activities in Tropoja district aiming to increase community awareness, in particular women and girls about their rights, with particular focus prevention of domestic violence and increase the level of knowledge about the remedies prescribed in Domestic Violence Law.